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How Microsoft apps help an iPhone become an iPhone Pro!

It has been 10 years since the first iPhone was announced, Apple’s flagship mobile phone is one of the most hyped flagship devices of the year. With a mobile market share of about 12-15%, iOS is the second largest mobile platform in terms of the Market Share (as per data from IDC).

Unlike its biggest competitor, Android it is less open and less customizable. This means that you can’t apply any third-party UI (launchers) or change the default apps. Also, it is not so easy to sideload any apps on your iOS device unlike it is on Android or Windows 10 Mobile devices but the closeness of the OS leads it to be really smooth and secured. With the latest A11 Bionic Chip that comes with iPhone 8 duo and the iPhone X, the devices are super powerful and due to the presence of the multiple Microsoft productivity suite Apps, the iPhone really transforms into an iPhone Pro.

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Cortana can now be set as the default assistant on your Android device

The personal assistant arms race is heating up, as the latest update for Microsoft’s Cortana can now easily replace the Google Assistant. If you’d like, the next time you long-press home to pull up your personal assistant, you can find the familiar oscillating purple and white dot staring back at you. The new feature comes via the latest 2.8 update to the Cortana app on Google Play. If you’d like to check out how it works, we gave it a try.