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Cortana can now be set as the default assistant on your Android device

The personal assistant arms race is heating up, as the latest update for Microsoft’s Cortana can now easily replace the Google Assistant. If you’d like, the next time you long-press home to pull up your personal assistant, you can find the familiar oscillating purple and white dot staring back at you. The new feature comes via the latest 2.8 update to the Cortana app on Google Play. If you’d like to check out how it works, we gave it a try.


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what’s new in Android O?

The past week has been the Big-O week for all of us involved in Google’s ecosystem and the Android world. The follow-up to Android 7.0/7.1 Nougat was announced as Android O — full name still unknown ( But as per few people and going by Android previous naming conventions it is to be named as Oreo) — and the developer preview images were made available for those who want to test it out and check all the new features.

All these days consumer goods companies have been at fore front in implementing digital innovation in the areas of marketing and sales. Whereas supply chain operations area was getting least importance in digital innovation. Recently many consumer goods companies have started exploring the application of digital solutions in their manufacturing processes. We can say digitalization of the manufacturing chain is becoming a reality.